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  • 最大外型尺寸:
  • 重量:
  • 标称流量/电流:
  • 持续放电电流:
  • 工作温度:
  • 终止电压:
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  High performance Ultra-thin Battery

  In addition to traditional features of lithium-manganese battery high voltage、high energy density、wideoperating temperature range, low self-discharge、high reliability、green environmental protection and so on. Ultra thin card design battery also has the following advantages.

  1. Good safety performance: Ultra-thin card design battery structure using aluminum flexible packaging, greatly reducing the chance of battery explosion,fire risk;

  2.Small size: Since the special shell materil, battery unique 、compact easel design、under the same capacity, its voltage can be smaller 5% than the metal shell battery;

  3. Light in weight: Ultra-thin card design battery weight is lighter 40% than the same capacity specification metal shell battery;

  4. High capacity: Ultra-thin card design battery compared with the same volume metal shell battery, its capacity is higher 10% than metal shell battery;

  5. Providing a greater discharge current and higher discharge plateau: Ultra-thin card design battery internal is basically a vacuum、anode、septum and cathode are closer contacts, able to provide greater discharge current and higher discharge plateau;

  6. Dimension design flexibility: Coining of Ultra-thin card design battery shell is more flexible, flexible dimension design, better able to meet customer demand for personification.

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  Ultra-thin card design battery can be used for radio communication、smoke alarm、underwater weapons、medical instruments、RFID tag/card、auto-sanitary fitting、small IC、PC computer memory、CMOS memory backup power supply、portable communication equipment.

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