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  • 额定电压:
  • 最大外型尺寸:
  • 重量:
  • 标称流量/电流:
  • 持续放电电流:
  • 工作温度:
  • 终止电压:
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  High Temperature Li-SOCL2 Battery

  Forte offered the high temperature Li-SOCL2 batteries. Those batteries use different material and technique which are different from the standard batteries. High temperature batteries used special steel container and cover, which with high temperature structure, so Forte high temperature batteries don't have discharge,drum bulge&bottom, explosion, burning phenomenon problem. It is a safety power solution.

  (1)Higher and stable working voltage. Norminal voltage is 3.0v, 90% capacity output under the stable voltage.

  (2)Widely using temperature, can be operated in -60℃~+150℃

  (3)Excellent storage life and reliability.

  With low self-discharge,yearly self-discharge rate ≤1%, stainless steel container and hermetically glass-to-metal sealing structure to make sure the battery could be stored more than 10years in the room temperature.

  (4)Forte batteries are environmentally friendly and pollutant free power, it's W/O mercury、 cadmium、lead and other heavy metals.

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  1. Petroleum industry: Downhole high temperature EPG, flow meters, LWD/NWD, and other downhole high Temperature instruments(processing and battery packs can be done as required).

  2. Automobile industry:TPMS,diesel engine cylinder monitors and so on.

  3. Geothermy industry: High temperature inspection instruments.

  4. Military uses and other battery-powered devices used in high temperature.

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