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  • 产品型号: Lithium manganese dioxide battery
  • IEC型号:
  • 额定电压:
  • 最大外型尺寸:
  • 重量:
  • 标称流量/电流:
  • 持续放电电流:
  • 工作温度:
  • 终止电压:
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  1. High Energy Density

  It is about 3 to 10 times more energy density than any other secondary battery. The energy density of Li/MnO2 battery is up to 370Wh/kg and above.

  2.High and Stable Operating Voltage

  CR Series >2.7V (OCV 3.0V)

  3.Wide Operating Current Range

  To ensure the ten year service life, the cell operating current is merely at a few microamperes. On the other hand, Forte also offers a wide range of options for varied needs; we can also provide the cells with pulse current up to several amperes.

  4.Wide Operating Temperature Range

  For different cell types and under different operating current and applications, the operating temperature endures from -40℃ to +70℃。

  5.Long Shelf Life

  Very low self discharge characteristics in storage at 20℃ and dry environment, and yearly capacity loss of the CR series less than 1% .

  6. Outstanding Service Life

  Up to 10 years operating life for some application based on different current.

  7. Ultimate Safety

  All of the Forte primary lithium batteries are CE certificated, and meet UN transportation test requirement.

  Hermetically glass to metal sealed.

  Blast resistant construction to assure the safety.

  Non-flammable electrolyte

  8.Green Energy

  Forte batteries series are free of heavy metal such as lead, cadmium or mercury, etc. All of the wastes are naturally degradable and no long-term pollution to environment.

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  Utility meters (water, electricity, gas meters and AMR)

  Alarm or security equipment (smoke alarm systems and detectors)

  GPS tracking

  Teal time clocks

  Remote monitoring systems

  Car electronics

  Photo cameras

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